Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thing 33: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and More

I love learning games; my students love learning games. Using SmartNotebook, I create games frequently, and I am always on the lookout for more tools to add to my repertoire. I was eager to explore this "Thing" to see what all is out there. I was already familiar with Flippity so I took a look at Quizlet. I tried Polly's Flowers matching activity and knew my classes would have fun with it.

One nice feature of Quizlet is that once my cards were created, I could switch how I wanted to present them to students. While I created mine under "Match", by clicking another option such as Flash Cards, Learn etc, the same material can be used numerous ways.

I used UNESCO World Heritage Sites and learned that in order to work in all the different options, I should not have listed the place names in the 'definitions'. My game works with  Match and Flash Cards, but not any of the others.

The computer voice in Quizlet is quite natural...does anyone know if it is an actress or just a very, very good computer voice simulation? Having an audio option serves as a scaffold for students who need it, and is thus a great feature.

'Gravity" would be very appealing to students, but my cards are not well-suited to it. The answers (as I created them with name and place) are too long for students to type in the given time. I need to spend more time on 'Gravity" because I am not certain how some of it works. There is an option to answer with photos...but I don't understand how to do so.

I was pleased with the variety of photos in the Quizlet library.

The Diagrams option is a great tool, as well. I had some fun with it, creating a diagram I will hopefully use with my students before I go out for foot surgery. However, it did not go well. I created a link to share, but cannot get the interactive diagram to come up...I get the diagram and the answers. Something else to keep playing with. Overall, Quizlet is great and I will definitely be using it with my classes.

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  1. Great exploration of the Quizlet options. You're right, that voice does sound very natural doesn't it.